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    Aug 15, 2021 · Medical Mutual does not offer products in your zip code. Close. Get a Quote Online Find a Plan that Fits Yours Needs. Type of health insurance I'm interested in Start Here. or call. (TTY 711) Mon.Fri., 8 a.m.8 p.m. COVID-19 Information. Stay up-to-date on the latest

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    Oxygen therapy is a treatment that provides you with that extra oxygen that you require. The oxygen is transferred directly into your airway with the help of nasal prongs, a mask, or a breathing tube. For people with chronic respiratory disorders portable oxygen tank or a machine might be required. Sometimes specific lung conditions prohibit

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    25 years developing urodynamic devices with state of the art technology. Since 1985, Albyn Medical has been a pioneer in the development of innovative medical devices, supplying and supporting a global client base via a network of partners & distributors. Specialists in the design and manufacture of products for Urology, Gynaecology and

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    Single-use endoscopy, anaesthesia, and patient monitoring & diagnostics products. Millions of patients and healthcare professionals worldwide depend on the efficiency, safety and performance of Ambu medical devices. The latest breakthrough solutions. Ambu possesses the experience, dedication and streamlined manufacturing processes needed to

  • Oxymizer® Disposable Oxygen ConserverDrive Medical

    P-224 and O-224 can be used with up to 15 lpm of continuous flow Facilitates the delivery of continuous high-flow oxygen therapy in a homecare, hospital, hospice or long-term care setting Delivers up to a 4 1 savings ratio Provides a comfortable alternative to a mask, allowing patients to eat, drink and talk

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    Browse the WebMD Questions and Answers A-Z library for insights and advice for better health.

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    Oxygen Regulator for CGA540 valve. Mini regulator uses DISS/nut w/Barb connection. Available in Adult with user selectable flow rates 0-15LPM. Your Price $54.50. CGA 870 Mini Oxygen Regulator. Mini Oxygen Cylinder Regulator for CGA870 valves, BARB outlet. Adult Regulator with user selectable flow rates 0-15LPM. Your Price $39.99.

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    With some enabling technologies from our sister company, SITES Medical, our proprietary high velocity, single-piece flow manufacturing process can build a single implant as efficiently as batch or continuous processing.Of course, we can do traditional batch manufacturing as well, but delivering only the implants needed for a single procedure provides the following benefits

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    Single-use technologies in formulation and filling applications are gaining fast market acceptance both in clinical and manufacturing operations. This has led to an increase in requirements in validation and robustness of single-use systems. As a result, point-of-use testing of single-use systems is quickly becoming a requirement.

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    More about Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System Real Intelligence Discover how a strategic approach to re-imagine surgery is connecting human insight and surgical experience with digital solutions and a health innovations portfolio to elevate care throughout the care continuum.

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    Ksep ® systems are the first single-use centrifugation systems that are completely closed. These systems are fully-automated and designed to recover >97% of product by efficient product displacement from slurry. In addition, low-shear process ensures reduced downstream contaminiation (due to cellular debris or proteolytic enzymes) and high

  • Unlocking the Power of Coronary CTA HeartFlow

    The CT-Flow pathway begins with a CCTA. If the physician sees disease, the CCTA images are sent to HeartFlow, where AI algorithms, computational fluid dynamics and trained analysts create the HeartFlow Analysis. This personalized, color-coded 3-D model of a patient’s coronary arteries provides functional information about each blockage.

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    Sep 23, 2020 · Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf on Wednesday told lawmakers that the makeup of those attempting to cross the border illegally has changed drastically in the last year --

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    With one of the largest catalogs of medical, surgical, and diagnostic supplies available online, Medex Supply can provide your facility with all the medical equipment necessary to ensure a healthy, safe, and sterile environment. Our extensive selection, low prices, fast shipping, and friendly, knowledgeable customer service makes Medex Supply a

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    Stryker’s Sustainability Solutions (SSS) is the leading provider of reprocessing and remanufacturing services for single-use medical devices. Reprocessing of single-use medical devices (SUDs) is the practice of inspecting, cleaning, function testing, sterilizing and packaging so that they can be clinically and safely used again.

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    Ideal for ultrafiltration, diafiltration and microfiltration, single-use hollow fiber filters for tangential flow filtration are packed in housings engineered to handle high pressures, with a choice of fiber chemistries and sizes from process development to manufacturing.

  • Bonsai Velocity Pneumatic Oxygen ConserverDrive Medical

    The Bonsai Velocity Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver, by Drive Medical (formerly manufactured by Chad Therapeutics), is a compact, lightweight oxygen conserving device for individuals who require oxygen therapy. When attached to an oxygen cylinder, the Bonsai regulator allows individuals to adjust the amount of oxygen output they receive. It provides more liter flow equivalencies, continuous flow

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    Established in 1988 and located at Ahmedabad, the Company commenced manufacture and export of quality medical disposable devices for single use only. SUSPL brands compare well with other leading brands with respect to quality, and also score by the competitive edge of price, owing to voluminous production. Read More. ×.

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    As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge the delivery of healthcare worldwide, ICU Medical is committed to working with our customers to ensure you have the IV solutions, systems, and consumables you need to provide essential care. Because evolving protocols and variations in care shouldn't mean fluctuations in supply, ICU Medical

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    A variety of interfaces specifically designed with Optiflow High Flow therapy in mind. At higher flows comfort is paramountyou need an interface designed for the job. Our newest interface, Optiflow 3S. 1. Controlled oxygen. Add and titrate oxygen separately from flow rate. From .21 (room air) to 1.0. FiO 2 displayed onscreen.

  • CHAD® Bonsai® Velocity Pneumatic Oxygen Drive Medical

    Two continuous flow (CF) settings preset @ 2 LPM and 4 LPM Delivers up to a 6 1 savings ratio from 14-40 breaths per minute Senses a breath/delivers oxygen in the first half of the inspiratory cycle Operating pressure range PSI Light weight and quiet operation Easy-to-operate single

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    The Evita Infinity V500 is designed to meet the needs of small community hospitals and large university centers alike. The scalable design allows clinicians to adjust ventilation features to changing institutional requirements. The user interface can be configured in a variety of different means from simple to the most complex patient cases.

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    Oxygen regulators and oxygen tanks are medical devices used to deliver and regulate supplemental oxygen to a person that requires oxygen therapy. Functioning as a regulator, oxygen regulators allow oxygen therapy patients to adjust their output of oxygen from 0 to 25 liters per minute, depending upon your prescribed needs of oxygen. Many oxygen regulators will allow you to change the oxygen

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    CHAD Oxymizer Conserver CannulaPendent with 7' Hose A simple disposable, cost effective alternative that works with all continuous flow Oxygen sources.The Oxymizer Disposable Oxygen-Conserving Devices function like standard conservers, because they extend oxygen duration by capturing the flow of oxygen during exhalation and combining it with your next inhalation, thus reducing the flow

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    Flexible filter clamps for use with capsule diameters 5.0 cm to 10.54 cm Pressure measurement Single-use with pressure sensitive chip3 supplied-0.48 to 5.2 bar Flow measurement Single-use turbine with reusable sensor3 supplied 30 to 1200 L/hr /- 5% >180 L/hr

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    Nordson MEDICAL is proud to introduce the first all-in-one manifold for pharmaceutical and single-use biopharmaceutical fluid transfer applications. The revolutionary design of this patent-pending, compact fitting not only saves space, but also simplifies use and assembly. With five ports available in one component, gone are the many leak

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    Thanks to the SFC5500's ultra-wide control range, each device can cover multiple flow ranges found in conventional devices. As a result, only three different versions with different flow ranges are enough to cover most flow rates of interest. This makes the SFC5500 ideally suited for applications in the medical, analytical and industrial sectors.

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    Ambulatory Systems that weigh less than 10 lbs when filled with oxygen, are designed to be carried by the member, and will last for 4 hours at a flow equivalent to 2 L/min continuous flow e.g., liquid refillable units and aluminum or fiber wrapped light-weight cylinders, with or without oxygen conserving devices.