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  • ReadyToProcess single-use hollow fiber cartridges Cytiva

    Single-use ultrafiltration hollow fiber cartridges with ReadyMate single-use connectors enable easy installation and aseptic connections to ReadyCircuit products. Low total organic carbon, endotoxin, and conductivity. Minimal or no rinse-out needed prior to use. Preconditioned for reduced conductivity and TOC level. Gamma irradiated for sterility.

  • Single-use SystemsBiotech Pall Corporation

    2 days ago · Featured Product Allegro Plastic Totes. Pall's collapsible plastic Allegro totes enable easy implementation of 50 L, 100 L, 200 L and 500 L single-use systems around each unit operation, while reducing manufacturing footprint. The Allegro plastic tote has been specifically engineered in order to provide maximum flexibility in the processing

  • QF4400SU QuattroflowPSG

    The Quattroflow™ pump's method of operation allows it to gently, safely and securely convey aqueous solutions and biological products that are shear sensitive. Quattroflow™ develops and manufactures quaternary (four-piston) diaphragm pumps specifically designed for critical applications in the biopharma industry. Quattroflow 4400SU Max.

  • Hollow Fiber TFF Sartorius

    A customized Flow Assembly combines the Green Line hollow fiber TFF module of your choice with single-use pump heads feed, retentate and permeate tubing single-use pressure sensors transducers flow sensors and meters and aseptic connectors, plugs or

  • Solved How to use a flow to grab email addresses from

     ·  02 36 AM. Hi @ AdamBradbury198, I have made a test on my side,You could create a Single line of test Column "Email" in the list to save the email addresses of the Change Management Team members, every item of the list would stand for one member. The screenshot of the list as below You could refer to screenshot below to create the flow

  • Rosemount 550pH Single-Use Sensor Emerson US

    Rosemount™ 550pH Single-Use Sensor. Rosemount 550pH Sensor is designed to provide high measurement stability for Single-Use bioprocessing applications. The sensor stability of <0.005 pH change per day enables users to do a one-point calibration at the start of the batch and operate for 30 days without any required maintenance or recalibration.

  • GitHubInternetGuru/omgf Use Git Flow with ease

     · Use Git Flow with easemaintain branches, semantic versioning, releases, and changelog with a single command. Oh My Git Flow (aka OMGF ) is the simplest way to use Git Flow branching model . When you run OMGF in a git repository, the tool will check the current state of your repo and executes appropriate commands.

  • OLXBuy and Sell for free anywhere in Kuwait with OLX

    OLX has 1000's ads available in Kuwait of goods for sale from cars, furniture, electronics to jobs and services listings. Buy or sell something today!

  • Solved how to use multiple cases of Switch case in Flow

     ·  06 04 AM. hi @mirtiza what you need to add is a condition after update item, in you case 1. See Switch cases are used to compare a one value in multiples conditios for example, I a user sends me the name of my pet, I can look into that aswer, to see if that name could be a dog, case 1, a cat case 2, o a snake case 3.

  • XCell ATF Technology Repligen

     · XCell ATF ® technology helps simplify and intensify upstream processes to deliver more product, faster. Intensified processes achieve higher cell densities, require smaller bioreactors and consume less suite time. Increase throughput, productivity, and capacity in

  • Quattroflow Increases Single-Use Pump Manufacturing

     · DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., July 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Quattroflow, part of PSG and Dover (NYSE DOV), announced that it will increase manufacturing capacity for its single-use

  • Single Use Molded ManifoldsAdvantaPure

     · Single-use molded manifolds are custom made to meet your product sampling and storage needs in drug and vaccine production. Manufactured from AdvantaFlex® biopharmaceutical grade TPE or AdvantaSil® platinum-cured Class VI silicone, molded manifolds eliminate the need for barbed fittings while providing a seamless transition from tubing to connection for a continuous, unrestricted flow.

  • Single Piece FlowSix Sigma Terminology

     · With single piece flow, the idea is to make a piece only when the customer asks for one. Use Single piece flow obviously works well with a just-in-time methodology. This is in contrast with batch processing. Many organizations believe batch processing is the most efficient way to produce. It flies in the face of common sense, but the truth is

  • Single-Use Bioprocess BagsSartorius

    Single-Use Bioprocess Bags. Added to Shopping Cart. Request a Quote. Request a Quote. See more Products below.

  • Questions about Single-dose/Single-use Vials Injection

    A single-dose or single-use vial is a vial of liquid medication intended for parenteral administration (injection or infusion) that is meant for use in a single patient for a single case, procedure, injection. Single-dose or single-use vials are labeled as such by the manufacturer and typically lack an antimicrobial preservative.

  • ÄKTA readyflux tangential flow filtration systemCytiva

    The flow kits are supplied gamma irradiated and include single-use flow path, pumps, and sensors for pressure, conductivity, temperature, flow, and pH (depending on choice of flow kit).. The flow kits are easily installed and available with Tri‑Clamp™ connectors, or ÄKTA readyflux XL with AseptiQuick™ L and ÄKTA readyflux with ReadyMate connectors for aseptic connection for maintaining

  • GitHubbalancap/SSD-Tensorflow Single Shot MultiBox

     · SSD Single Shot MultiBox Detector in TensorFlow. SSD is an unified framework for object detection with a single network. It has been originally introduced in this research article.. This repository contains a TensorFlow re-implementation of the original Caffe code.At present, it only implements VGG-based SSD networks (with 300 and 512 inputs), but the architecture of the project is modular

  • ProtocolsBD Biosciences

     · Protocol Direct Immunofluorscence Staining. Cytokines FCA. Cell Surface. Cytokine Stimulation and 96 Well BD Phosflow™ Buffer Protocol. TCR Stimulation and 96 Well BD Phosflow™ Buffer Protocol. Activation Immune Cells. BD Phosflow™ Buffer Protocol for Adherent Cells. Preparation and Staining of Paraffin Sections.

  • Multi-Use Sanitary Process Equipment

    Your Trusted Source for Single-Use & Multi-Use Sanitary Process Equipment Sourcing the right equipment for your facility requires a distributor with both an ability to understand the unique needs of your process and the experience necessary to navigate

  • The evaluation kit for the LDL single-use flow

     · The LD20 single-use liquid flow sensor series from Sensirion, the expert in flow and environmental sensor technology, is suitable for fast, precise and reliable measurements of the lowest flow rates in biomedical applications. The evaluation kit for the LDL version is now also available from distributors.

  • Going Lean With One-Piece Flow Manufacturing Business

     · One-piece flow, also called continuous flow manufacturing or repetitive-flow manufacturing, is a Lean production method that aims to reduce waste by balancing the production line. Simply speaking, the goal of one-piece flow is to have a single item or unit of product flow from process to process with no delays or bottlenecks in between.

  • Return data to PowerApps from a flow, build lists in a

     · Build flows that can be called from an app built with PowerApps, and return data back to the app. This means you can use the visual drag-and-drop flow designer to build the logic you need for the app. We have also added a new list builder into flow that can be used for adding multiple attachments to an email, for example. Finally, we have added a new Test flow button to the designer that lets

  • Fluid Components InternationalProducts Flow Switches

    FCI flow switches feature thermal dispersion technology in which the temperature difference is greatest in a no-flow condition and decreases as flow increases, cooling the heated RTD. Changes in flow velocity directly affect the extent to which heat dissipates and, in turn, the magnitude of the temperature difference between the RTDs.

  • Hardware Repligen

     · In the X-Flo76 System, a patented spiral flow path allows fluid to be directed across the surface of the membrane, creating cross-flow shear conditions that are more representative of true scale-up. Unlike traditional stirred cells, the X-Flo76 uses a pump as the filtration driving force for better TMP control and optimal scale-up performance.

  • Manufacturers of High Purity Tubing, Hose, and Single-Use

     · Unreinforced Silicone Tubing. AdvantaSil® High Pressure silicone tubing is a high quality, cost effective solution designed for increased flow rates and is the optimal choice for Single-Use applications such as TFF, virus filtration, inline integrity testing of

  • Using a value with a single quote as an Odata filt

     · Report Inappropriate Content. 08 04 PM. Hi @BenGrady, Single quote in OData Query need to present in pairs. Which means if your string contains one single quote, we need to "double" it. For example, the string we would like to use under Filter Query with the field Department is Men's Guest Services. Then the formula should be

  • Mobius® FlexReady Solutions Single-use Manufacturing

    Mobius® single-use manufacturing offers a range of products, services and solutions that enable you to shorten your manufacturing time while continuing to offer the same level of purification performance. You can select from a range of single-use options including integrated separation platforms, mixers, connectors, storage containers and hardware

  • ProtocolsBD Biosciences

     · Protocol Direct Immunofluorscence Staining. Cytokines FCA. Cell Surface. Cytokine Stimulation and 96 Well BD Phosflow™ Buffer Protocol. TCR Stimulation and 96 Well BD Phosflow™ Buffer Protocol. Activation Immune Cells. BD Phosflow™ Buffer Protocol for Adherent Cells. Preparation and Staining of Paraffin Sections.